Water, air, energy & environmental utilities in buildings & businesses are dynamic systems that require adjustments to be made on the fly for smooth running, and for this access to real time data is absolutely essential. We have developed our Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) solutions to address these problems.






How can i monitor my treated water quality?

RTM helps in monitoring both the quality and quantity of the treated water by using onsite sensor.

What's the quality of water we can expect?

RTM can monitor wide range of treated water quality and helps in improving the quality of treated water.

What may be the ROI?

ROI can be determined based on annual saving cost if we achieve 33% water reduction or water saving from the current water consumption level.

What is turbidity and why it is high?

The sensor measures the turbidity (amount of suspended particles) of the treated water in a sewage treatment plant.

What is ORP & How mounting ORP helps ?

Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP, redox) is one of the methods to measure the rate of oxidative disinfection caused by the addition of the effects of all oxidants in the water (eg: chlorine dosing).

Which guideline has been used for RTM?

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