Real Time Monitoring (RTM)

Real Time Monitoring (RTM) is an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled smart water, air, energy & environmental management solution. The key focus of the solution is to help customers get real time data, predict faults & provide troubleshooting insights, with the power of data science to achieve assured returns (ROI) & lifecycle support for utilities/treatment plant investments. One of the best water treatment companies and water technology in India.

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Water Supply & Distribution System - Rural / Community Water Supply monitoring

  • Affordable smart solution for drinking water supply distribution monitoring for communities to achieve its effective management & real time leak detection


Individual Homes/offices, Source Monitoring - Borewell, Smart Water Metering.

  • Affordable and smart solution for monitoring water tanks at communities & commercial buildings for real time leak detection


Water Treatment Plants & Utilities - STP, WTP, Cooling Towers Monitoring

  • Suitable for residential communities, commercial & industrial buildings

RTM System

delivers the host of benefits

Reliable data to take appropriate decisions on water, energy & environmental management

Reduced consumption and hence cost

Fast recovery measures in case operational process stability is lost

Equipment life cycle support

Savings on energy and chemical costs

Reduction in skilled manpower requirement

Low upfront cost

Flexible pay (monthly, quarterly or annual)

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