RTM for Addressing Water Crisis, Optimization of Water Use

RTM for Addressing Water Crisis, Optimization of Water Use

Optimization of water usage through IoT based Real Time Monitoring (RTM) of water and wastewater could help preserving the earth’s water resources for the generations to come. Greenvironmentindia’s RTM 2.0 offers effective monitoring of water utilities in residential apartments, commercial complexes and industries and enables optimization of water usage. Greenvironmentindia’s RTM for wastewater monitoring has recently received patent, for its unique features.     

Monitoring for environment protection, safety and cost saving 

While considering that more than 60% of untreated sewage and wastewater- almost 40 million litres – enter the rivers and other water bodies as per the data of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), water use optimization through monitoring and recycling becomes crucial in environment point of view. 

Another reason for water monitoring is diminishing role of the state in water distribution.  Burgeoning demand from the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors has exposed the state’s inability as the sole player in water distribution. Often depended upon unknown sources to ensure water availability, the users are bound to make monitoring of water an important in-house requirement.  

While providing essential information on the purity and standard of water, Real Time Monitoring system enables the user to know the efficacy of recycling and the scope of reuse of recycled effluent/ sewage water, thereby reducing over-dependence on fresh water, which also saves water spend.  

Real Time Monitoring (RTM) based on Internet of Things 

Real Time Monitoring works with the help of sensors fitted in water utilities, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based data management to check and analyse important parameters related to water quality and quantity. Based on the analytics, automated alerts about the quality of water or recycled water and the pointers to the impending issues of water management or recycling systems are shared to the users, enabling them for right decision making. Because wastewater treatment plants including STPs and ETPs need regular maintenance. Regular maintenance helps to identify and resolve minor issues before they become serious and costly. 

The advantage of RTM is its automated system which requires very minimal human interventions. It replaces all the major steps in traditional ways of water and wastewater monitoring like sample collection, preservation, transportation, sample pre-treatment, calibration, reagent addition and sample analysis with automated procedures and on-line analyzers.   

What RTM monitors ?  

RTM monitors all important parameters of water purity including Total Dissolved Solids – TDS, pH, Biochemical Oxygen Demand – BOD, Chemical Oxygen Demand – COD, Total Suspended Solids – TSS, Turbidity and Oxidation & Reduction Potential – ORP.  And also, the Quantity of Wastewater generated in an STP and treated. For more information: https://www.greenvironmentindia.com/real-time-monitoring 

RTM advantages   

  • Real Time Monitoring of STP/ETP provides real-time insights into the treatment efficiency of the Plant in-terms of Quality & Quantity.   
  • Real-time monitoring help improve discharged water quality in meeting pollution control board norms.   
  • Automatic chlorine dosing system based on ORP for optimal chlorine dosing with high disinfection in treated water   
  • Continuous monitoring increase reliability on reuse of treated water for toilet flushing & landscaping 
  • Monitoring the Water Balance of the Property helps in normalizing water usage in the building and reduces the freshwater usage and cost. 

For more information: https://www.greenvironmentindia.com/real-time-monitoring 


The experiences of clientele, who have installed Greenvironmentindia’s RTMs for water and wastewater monitoring, testify that it could bring amazing difference optimizing water use. It has also proved to be beneficial in bringing in economic and environmental benefits.   

For example, analytics prove that RTM is a big leap in the hospitality sector towards ensuring sustainable water use and reuse. Hospitality major Club Mahindra’s resorts testify that the RTMs can boost the efficiency of STPs in no time. There is considerable improvement of efficiency in the performance of sewage treatment plant (STP) in the Club Mahindra Resorts Madikeri, where the RTM is in place where post the installation of the RTM, the treatment efficiency is increased by 30%, disinfection efficiency is increased by 32% and filtration efficiency is increased by 36%. Overall plant efficiency is increased by 33%. 

Rajparis Harmony, a residential apartment complex testifies that there is a boost in STP efficiency after installing Greenvironmentindia’s Real Time Monitoring (RTM) system. The RTM has helped to reduce the operating cost of the STP from Rs 55/KL to Rs 30/KL because of higher efficiency of the plant. This has helped in an annual saving on Fresh water by Rs 40 Lakhs 

Besides hospitality and residential sectors, Greenvironmentindia’s RTM has brought similar benefits in the industrial and commercial complexes as well. For more information: https://www.greenvironmentindia.com/community/case-studies/ 

RTM helps in adhering to Online Pollution Monitoring Norms   

All Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) and Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) are now bound to install Online Continuous Emission Monitoring System (OCEMS) and share the quality of the effluent on a real time basis. Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)‘s has already written a letter on 20th August 2020 to all Pollution Control Boards in states and Pollution Control Committees in Union Territories making time bound implementation of OCEMS mandatory.   

The installation of OCEMS at the outlet of the identified units for the measurement of water quality parameters would ensure that our natural water bodies (lakes, rivers, sea, ocean, aquifers, ground water etc.) are not contaminated. 

The OCEMS monitors the aspects such as pH, COD, BOD and other sector specific parameters related to water quality. The RTM (Real Time Monitoring) based on IoT by Greenvironmentindia, offers monitoring of STPs and ETPs based on these parameters and ensures the compliances to CPCB norms.  

About Greenvironmentindia  

Greenvironmentindia is an IIT-Madras incubated / graduated Environment Engineering Company offering Internet of Things (IoT) and RTM based water management solution to Industries, Commercial complexes, IT parks and Hospitality sector for the last 8 years. The company has successfully installed RTMs for 73 clients / at 110 Sites across India with minimal manual interventions or interruptions, bringing in economic and environmental benefits to respective organizations. Over 21.5 million litres of STP capacity are being monitored daily by GreenvironmentIndia now. The RTM for wastewater monitoring has also won patent in the year 2020. 

Over the years Greenvironmentindia has received many recognitions for its innovative solution for water and wastewater management. Some of them are given below:  

  • Finalist of ICT Grand Challenge – Water 2020 organized by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India   
  • Real Time Monitoring (RTM) System in top 50 Innovations under Indian Innovation Growth Programme 2.0 supported by Lockheed Martin, IIMA, Tata Trust & DST Govt of India in 2017  
  • Winners of Grand Challenge Karnataka Call 1- Technology Enable Solution for Water & Sewage Management from Government of Karnataka in 2018; from among 24 participants, Greenvironmentindia was one of the 3 companies selected to “build a Real Time Quality & Quantity Monitoring System for Water & Sewage Management in the city of Bengaluru”.  
  • Incubatee at Social Alpha, Tata Trust as For-Profit Social Enterprise in Water Sector in 2018  
  • RTM Innovation for “Water Efficiency” was selected as one among the 20 out of 190 Cleantech innovators from India by UNIDO for the “Global Cleantech Innovation Programme 2016”. From among 20 semi-finalists, Greenvironmentindia moved to the final round also along with another 6 Cleantech companies.  


We all live on this beautiful water planet which we have mistakenly chosen to call Earth. -Anonymous  

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