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Greenvironment Innovation & Marketing India (P) Ltd is an environmental management company graduated from IIT Madras incubation ecosystem, focused towards providing smart technologies for water and energy management in buildings & businesses through the use of IoT & Artificial Intelligence. Our USP in this sector is that our clients get real-time monitoring (RTM) & troubleshooting support through our innovative technologies for environmental management, these solutions help achieve the assured ROI, life cycle support on their utilities and meet regulatory requirements along with ESG integration & SDG goals.
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To provide cost effective water & environmental technologies for buildings & businesses

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Are We Smart in Managing Utilities?


60% of the freshwater in hospitals is consumed without proper disinfection, and 30% of the RO water that goes as reject can be reused.


In hotels, laundry wastewater reuse can help reduce water consumption by 10%.

Commercial Buildings

In commercial buildings, unmetered water supply leads to about 15% excess usage of water.

Residential Buildings

In Industries, increasing water productivity by recycling and re-use, reduces their production costs & conserves water.


55% of water consumption can be reduced by effective Sewage Treatment and re-use. Cost of water tankers have doubled in the last decade. Water from bore wells vary in quality & quantity frequently, making it unsafe for consumption without monitoring.

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