An Amazing story from Orion Mall, Bangalore

Real Time Monitoring for Water Utilities

  • Greenvironmentindia‚Äôs Real Time Monitoring (RTM), which is based on Internet of Things (IoT) reduces dependence on fresh water resources save water cost¬†
  • Saves 35000 KL of water since January 2019 with the help of RTM

How to be green and water-smart amid compelling need for water in bulk? Orion Mall, Bangalore has an amazing tale to tell.

Larger floor area, footfall centric operations and the need for comfortable as well as conducive ambience, rely on many systems that rely on water. The water managers at Orion Mall had to shuttle between the highly priced tankers and inconsistent municipality supplies. Altering sources were adding the water challenges such as large fluctuations in inlet water quality and consistency in operational efficacy of the waste water treatment plants. There threat of running out of water loomed large as often excessive demand led to delayed supply by tankers!

The debate over the fast depletion of natural water resources in the city due to the burgeoning demand of fresh water from commercial buildings such as malls, was also taking rounds. Real Time Monitoring (RTM) of Effluent Treatment Plant, Smart Water Management and the Recycling / Reuse of waste water was explored & emphasized also as a measure to curtail the dependence of fresh water sources.

As a step towards conservation of water, Orion Mall Management has opted for IOT based Total Water Management for the building at the end of 2017 through Greenvironment India.

Installation of RTM, which is based on IoT, monitoring of water utilities and the availability of real time information on treated water quantity & quality, brought wonders in the subsequent years.

The major goal was to monitor the water usage pattern of Orion Mall to reduce the fresh water consumption by improving the efficiency of the treatment plants present at the site. The incorporation of the water conservation plan was based on a close 3-month study on the water usage pattern of the Mall. During the first three months of monitoring the water consumption, it has been observed that the largest water usage is divided between toilet flushing, landscaping consumption and cooling tower consumption.

In the year of 2018, post implementation of RTM system the Mall is able to reuse STP treated water for cooling tower consumption, which has reduced the dependency on fresh water (tanker water). The Mall has saved Rs 29 lakh per annum in the year 2018 whereas in the year 2019 they were able to further increase the savings by Rs 11 Lakh.

With the improvements in the quality of treated water, Orion Mall now have the confidence to reuse their STP treated water for multiple purposes such as toilet flushing, landscaping and cooling tower.  Before the installation of Greenvironmentindia’s RTM, the dependency on freshwater for various purposes was 84%. By 2018 and 2019, over 49% of their daily consumption was now fulfilled through recycled water, which has also led to a 30% savings on water spend. Through continuous monitoring, Orion Mall has further achieved savings on net spend over fresh water.

The graph show the daily average water balance pattern for Orion mall before implementation of RTM system & after implementation of RTM system over the years 2018 & 2019 by Greenvironmentindia.

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