#Greenvironment @ 10

Greenvironment Innovation and Marketing India (P) Ltd, is completing its 10 eventful years.  Over the years, the world’s passionate efforts to conserve the environment have given way to more visible targets such as Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Development Goals 2030!

Our passion while getting the company incorporated on August 23rd  2012 was also the same – finding lasting and quantifiable solutions towards accomplishing environment resilience. We are on our path to graduating as a total environment management company, striving along with our stakeholders towards achieving to environmental resilience.

We believe that the world cannot go ahead by ignoring its environmental responsibilities when we all are equally suffering due to the ill effects of climate change. Hence, in the current era, where ESG and SDGs are the watchwords, #Greenvironmentindia believes that we have a great prospect ahead so as the responsibilities.

Greenvironment Innovation & Marketing India (P) Ltd is now focused on providing sustainable solutions for its stakeholders such as industries, commercial & hospitality sectors, residential communities and government. Our USP is providing real-time monitoring (RTM) & troubleshooting solutions through Internet of Things (IoT) based technologies, these solutions help customers achieve assured returns (ROI) & life cycle support on utilities/treatment plants investments.

Real-Time Water Informatics based on Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) has a special significance in today’s socio-political context.  Because, the public outrage against inefficiencies, quality issues and demand-supply gaps in water distribution as well as inefficiencies in wastewater networks & infrastructure continues to be challenging for the state.

Therefore, Greenvironment is there with added passion, experience and above all more reliable & unique technology to accomplish environment resilience!

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